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Fallen Angel

Last night I was out with some friends just letting loose and enjoying the cool night breeze over some red wine. Then we got onto the topic of the rapist who’d just been released on bail (Thabo Masilo), who painfully enough is 21. Just a year under me. We’re outraged at the fact that this guy got released. truthfully it’s a whole country thing if I’m generalizing. He did the unspeakable. As my friend told me the story, I paused her to ask if this guy was crazy, when I speak of the horrid events you’ll understand why I had to ask. When I’m thinking in terms of sanity, no perfectly sane person would do what he did. I refuse to believe there’s a sane person out there who would even try it.

As I understand it, last Friday, Tshepang Motlhabane (17 years old and fresh out of high school) was home alone. She’d just completed her exams and simply wanted to chill and unwind at home. Then a man came to her house (Thabo) to ”enquire” about the servant’s quarter. Then he proceeded to ask for water (and culturally speaking, you don’t say no to a thirsty person. It’s all part of encompassing Botho). So this young lady, doing what she’s been raised to do gives him some water but this man, now knowing that she was home alone, decided to rape her, kill her, and then leave her in her mother’s bedroom. Now, if I understand correctly because there’s apparently pictures on facebook I’m just not interested in seeing, this man even had the nerve to take a bath (shit, shower, shave) and just put himself together before robbing the girl and going to sit up on the roof. Then when he got caught he just admitted the whole story to the mother’s horror and now he’s on bail yet he’s been on the wanted list for a while now.

Then again, perhaps the judge doesn’t want to deal with him and would rather let the community take a shot when they see him. Here, we believe in solidarity. I’m just saying that this guy was better of in jail. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make it to his next court date. We’re all looking for him and none of us are afraid to call him out when we see him walking down the street.

There are slight differences in the accounts but here’s a link to the story in the Mmegi Newspaper.

Rest in Peace Tshepang. May your family find some kind of peace some way. And can we please all just as beings find a way to stop all this injustice. The world is a big enough mess without us being indecent to one another.

http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?sid=1&aid=155&dir=2012/November/Wednesday21 (The story as told by the Mmegi Newspaper)